Berlin, Day 5

The 5th day in Berlin was truly full of excitement. This was actually the day I’ve really been looking for, as I had arranged a Big surprise for my bestie, who I literally love a lot. I thought my bestie deserved sometbinv special for always being there for me. So I arranged 2 visits:

  • Lunch and visit at the Rausch Chocolate House
  • Visit and dinner with 360degree view of Berlin at the TV Tower

Both places are effing amazing, and we both loved it! It was some great experiences. Here are some pictures from the day. I’ll be reviewing the lunch in another post 😉

We first went on some shopping at Friederichsstr., before getting our lunch.

Right after the lunch.. The beautiful Deutscher Dom

The Konzerthaus..

Die Französchie Friederichstadtkirche

Me, at the Konzerthaus..

View of Rausch Schokaladen Haus

The beautiful view of and from the TV Tower


The Tiergarten on the horizon

Somewhere near the Tower

The dinner was only average, but the view was so beautiful. Such an unforgettable moment, and I’m pretty much sure that I’ll visit the TV Tower once in the future. Maybe with my brother, if he wants to 🙂

Have a nice evening! 😉




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