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Berlin, day 1 & 2

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all doing good 😉

I’m going to write about my trip to Berlin, in the coming few posts  – I tell you, it’s a n amazing place! I haven’t travelled the past few years actually, because I’ve been focusing so much on my work and some personal issues, that din’t give me time to travel, but I finally did. I’ve never been to Berlin, and really wanted to, as many of my friends told me about how amazing this city is. In addition, I truly agree with them.

What I did wrong: I didn’t take my Canon 750D with me – WTF! – But I unfortunately didn’t have enough space in my trolley, and I really regret this! I was therefore supposed to use my phone that resulted in many bad quality pictures. Somehow I managed to get the best out it anyway 😉

My bestie and I went on a 1-week trip to Berlin, from the 10th to March 17 – We were supposed to take the flight straight from CPH, but unfortunately, this never happened due to the strikes that made our flight cancelled! Somehow, we managed to take the train, and this takes about 7 hours.

View from the train, travelling from Hamburg to Berlin..

We arrived to our hotel at 6:45 pm, and from here we quickly went on to Savigny Platz and Kantstr., as we took the S-bahn from our hotel. This is actually very easy and if you’re not sure about the place, people in Berlin are so kind to ask for some help.

We stayed at the Novotel am Tiergarten, and right next to the hotel there’s this Tiergarten S-bahn station. We loved the hotel very much; it’s a 4 star hotel with lovely rooms and very yummy breakfast buffet. We loved it!!

Back to the first evening in Berlin yes, we went to Kanstrasse and were so hungry, so we decided to eat at the first sushi restaurant we saw – Aki Tatsu Sushi. We were not that much surprised with the food, I’d call it some kind of average food. Here’s a picture of it (we both got veg sushi), and banana and mango juice:

Day 2, 11th of March 2017;

Before going to Berlin, I made a list of “places to visit”. Guess what? – I actually started planning my visit back in December, because I was too excited. Haha 😛 But well, on this list we had about 11 places to visit, but we eventually dropped 2 while we were in Berlin, as we were so tired and also needed some time to relax. We visited 5 places on our 2nd day (way to go :P):

  • Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
  • Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
  • Brandenburger Tor (and Reichstagsgebäude)
  • Holocaust Memorial Berlin
  • Berliner Mauer (and Topographie des Terrors)

Here, while walking down the Kurfürstendamm..

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church;

The original church (seen in the picture above), built back in 1895 in the memory of Kaise Wilhelm, and destroyed during the WW2. Today it still stands as the memory of the “kaiser”, and as a ruin from the WW2. Later they built another church next to this ruin, and people eventually call these two buildings as the “Puderdose und Lippenstift” (because the tall monument reminds of a lipstick and the new church looks like a powder box. (I don’t have a picture of the new church).

From here, we walked (YES, we did!) to Deutsche Technikmuseum, and this was indeed an awesome place. I was totally in love with the world’s first computer 😀 I would definitely say that this is the place for the geeks, and I really enjoyed seeing all those stuffs related to technology and it’s improvement. Seriously, hats off to the scientists.

From the top of the museum:

You can easily spend your whole day at this museum, but we decided to go for another walk afterwards, so we went to Friedrichstr. to see another part of the town (perfect for some shopping too) and for our lunch. From here, we walked to Brandenburger Tor, and later on to the Holocaust Memorial.

Like seriously, about a month before our trip I had a dream about this place, Deutscher Dom and the park behind this. Once I recognised I was very stunned and immediately took a picture of it. I don’t know how this could happen, but I was really surprised (and a bit scared):

Here, the Brandenburger Tor and the view of Reighstagsgebäude:

Visiting the Holocaust Memorial…

From here, we walked to Berliner Mauer through Postdamer Platz (I loved it!)

Here, view at Potsdamser Platz:

Here, the Martin-Gropius Bau (such a beautiful building):

Finally, the Berliner Mauer:

From this place, we also saw this air balloon, looking like the world and with the text “Die Welt” (eng.: The World):

We even talked about trying the view from this air balloon, but later dropped it.

After visiting the Topographie des Terrors (a museum on the Nazis with free entry), we walked down Potsdamer Platz again and ate at the Indian restaurant Amrit near Potsdamer Platz

I’ll be posting pictures frequently and also make a post on the restaurants we visited. So stay tuned! 🙂

Have a great evening!

~ AJ


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