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    Al Meza – Mediterranean Brunch in Aarhus!


    Few weeks ago I and some of my friends went for brunch in Aarhus; we chose Al Meza at Frederiks Allé, because my friend really recommended us to try their food.

    Al Meza offers a varieties of dishes from the Mediterranean kitchen and few danish food items too, where you can choose 3, 5 or 7 dishes of own choice from their set of menu. It’s INexpensive, and so tasty! Moreover they offer a nice variety of both cold and hot beverages 🧉😋

    I went for 7 dishes and their lemonade with mint. My God, so far the best brunch I’ve ever had in my life! I’m definitely going for another brunch or 2, or 10 here 😄

    Have a closer look at some of them! 😋😍

    And the 2 other dishes were Batata Harra and Mozzarella w. tomatoes & pesto.

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    Murungai Ilai [Moringa Leaves] kulambu

    You might have heard about murungai (moringa) and its benefits. It’s something people in Asia have been eating for generations, but only recently people in the west “recognized” it as a superfood. Not only the tree’s leaves, but also the sticks and bark are useful, and have been used in food and for medication, mainly in Siddha Maruthuvam, for ages. The word muringa is actually derived from the tamil name murungai and the malayali name muringa.

    We use the sticks very much, and it’s easy to buy them in the local tamil stores, but the leaves are not always imported. Whenever we are able to buy them, we do, because we love them and of course of the benefits.

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    Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies – Eggless

    Hey guys!

    Hope you’re all doing good! I’m back with a recipe, that I developed recently.

    An eggless recipe on some chewy chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made them several times for now, and my family and friends love them (I do too, of course) 😉

    This recipe makes 12 cookies.

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    A different birthday treat!

    A few weeks ago, I went to do something crazy. Something I’ve been thinking about for some years, to try it abroad. Somehow this situation with covid-19 put a temporary stop for my travels, so I decided to do this here in Denmark, in my birthplace Herning! A tandem skydiving!

    My brother went for this the week before, so I talked about it with my sister from another mother, and she too wanted to try it, so we immediately booked a jump for us. This is the greatest experience ever! Thanks to DropZone Denmark for a great experience 😃

    I was not afraid, but very much excited. I was actually totally relaxed, as my instructor was so cool and an experienced skydiver with more than 1700 jumps. I was more afraid for my ears – I suffer from middle ear pressure problems, and I feared this pain most, because once I get this negative pressure, it takes me days for recover. But that’s ok, lol 😅

    You know… The moment you jump off the flight.. Time stands still. There is something meditative about it, really! Then you feel the cold air against your face in a 250 km/h free fall, you realize what’s going on, you look around and see Mother Earth from a different view, and something magical just happens. It felt like a new beginning. Suddenly all your problems disappear.. or they seem like nothing. You just realize it. Life is about living THE moment. Capture it, grab the moment, feel it, enjoy it, and use it.

    Track: Bucketlist, Master, by Anirudh Ravichander. Edited by myself